Connecting Providers and Dispensaries

A B2B Marketplace for Cannabis products

Join now for free allows cannabis producers a place to market their medicines to dispensaries and the public

We are a community that helps connect providers and
dispensaries based on cannabis flower, concentrate, or
edible that patients are asking for.

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We help connect providers and dispensaries

based on the cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles or genetics
that patients and customers want.


Find dispensaries that want your medicine

Search to see what dispensaries in your area want right now – not a week or a month ago. Today.

Be competitive in an increasingly difficult market

Make appointments with dispensaries that need your strain rather than going door-to-door.


Grow your network

Build new relationships and stay up to date with Cannabis demand. Our system helps keep your business partners informed on your activity.

Schedule appointments and avoid waiting in long lines

No more excessive traveling - meet with interested parties only.


Stop wasting effort on the wrong medication

See cannabis supply and demand trends. Produce only what dispensaries and patients actually want.

Work efficiently by knowing the relevant activity in your region

Be confident that requests for medicine are within your reach. Plan your meetings by location and optimize your time.


Be confident that your privacy is our highest priority

Absolutely no IP tracking. We ask only the information needed to facilitate a meeting. No prices, no cell phone numbers.

256-bit SSL encryption

Same level of security used by banks and financial organizations.

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